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"One of the best "tactics" classes I have been to in 7 yrs. It is obvious that Derek is passionate about what he teaches and is driven by a desire to
prevent future line of duty deaths."
"Absolutely one of the best, if not the best, training classes I have attended as a police officer. Content is 100% applicable to daily patrol
operations and I will definitely utilize it on the streets to perform at a higher level."
Officer Michlitsch Haltom P.D., Texas
"This is truly one of the best officer survival courses I have attended. It is thought provoking and relevant for line level officers and supervisors
Officer Tepley Colorado Springs P.D., Colorado
"This class has been bar far the most information and visual officer safety!"
Officer Rhuter Kimberly P.D., Idaho
"Every Officer should attend this class. With 15 years on the job, this is the one class that I feel could truly save the life of an officer. Thank you."
Deputy Ohler Pratt County S.O., Kansas
"This is great information. I believe this type of OODA Loop based should be an annual or bi-annual training required for dept nationwide. I have
been on for 12 yrs and felt brand new with some of the topics presented."
OfficerTurley Phoenix P.D., Arizona
"As a 20 year law enforcement veteran, I was very pleased with the quality of the course content and effectiveness of it's delivery."
Officer Potter N.D.S.U.P.D., North Dakota
"Excellent class regardless of your experience level. Would like to have this class every year if I could."
Lt Swisshelm Leavenworth S.O., Kansas
"This class was beyond what I was expecting to learn. This kind of training is vital for officer safety."
Officer Perez Frederick P.D., Colorado
"Excellent Course! All officers need to attend. I will definately recommend our dept attend future trainings. Thx for everything!"
Deputy Horton Lemhi County S.O., Idaho
"By far the best Officer Survival training I've been to in my 10 year career."
Officer Jarvis Girard P.D., Kansas
"Very informational. I'll take things I learned and actually apply them on the street."
Officer Kirkpatrick Billings P.D., Montana
"A very engaging class that teaches us how our minds handle information so we can better prepare for, process through, and deal with violent
FTO Weeks Garden City P.D., Kansas
"Best class I ever had it really saves lives".
Officer Evans Baggs P.D., Wyoming
"Really enjoyed the course and will recommend to other officers. Would like this course taught to my entire department, and feel that everyone
could benefit."
Officer Binnicker Haltom P.D., Texas
"Awesome class, highly recommend it to everyone, great job."
Officer Graham Parker P.D., Colorado
"It was a great way to get ofc. safety to the forefront of everyone's mind. Great class. It made me re-evaluate my practices & training."
Officer Frank Billings P.D., Montana
"I would highly recommend this instructor/class to our command staff for in-service training."
Trooper Warren Colorado State Patrol
"Thank you for your knowledge and time. This class should be attended by any police officer. I've already recommended this class to my
Sgt Knudsen Larimer County S.O., Colorado
"Already recommended it to training officer. Great Class. Instructor did a great job."
Officer Redstone The Colony P.D., Texas
"Thanks again for an informative and motivating class!! I love this job immensely but can only do it if I am alive."
Officer Hrycaj Colorado
"This class is a good reminder of how we can all get into a "routine attitude". The best part is that you leave with a good internal "self check" that
you can use."
Officer Jacober Pueblo P.D., Colorado
"I believe every officer should attend this class. Whether your a senior officer or a new officer. You learn something new...Thank you."
Officer Yazzie Fort McDowell P.D., Arizona
"Very informative & eye opening. I was able to take many lessons & tools from this class that I will be employing while on duty."
Officer Goushas Ardmore P.D., Oklahoma
"Great class..every officer should take this class every 5 years or so...great information on officer survival."
Deputy Pelle Pueblo County S.O., Colorado
"Instructor very knowledgeable on multiple topics. Outstanding training-should be mandatory for all police officers and established at the
academy level."
Officer Grisham Ardmore P.D., Oklahoma
"Absolutely would highly recommend, thank you!"
Officer  Parker P.D., Colorado
"Information all patrol officers need to know."
Deputy Fricke Leavenworth County S.O., Kansas
"Excellent training. GREAT information."
Officer Grube Nun P.D., Colorado
"Excellent Class; Great Presentation of Material by Instructor. Job Well Done! Thank you!"
Officer Manzione Ward P.D., Colorado
"Gave me a renewed understanding of the dangers around the corner, while also providing new ways of dealing with them before, during and
Deputy Indermuehle Leavenworth County S.O., Kansas
"Wonderful- I wish this could be part of the academy training."
Trooper Underwood Montana Highway Patrol
"It was more than I expected. A deeper dive into the subject was amazing!"
Officer Miller Bonneville County S.O., Idaho
"Great instructional material. All relevant to current operations."
Sheriff Rakness Washakie County S.O., Wyoming
"Great course, very beneficial. Outstanding course. I learned a lot that will help me in my career moving forward."
Officer Jeffs Utah D.O.C., Utah
"Excellent class, exceeded my expectations."
Officer Kaiser Billings P.D., Montana
"I will be asking my command staff to send all the 9 officers to this valuable class. I'm glad I did."
Officer Menon Arapahoe County Community College PD, Colorado
"Highly recommend to all LEO's."
Officer Guerrero Haltom P.D., Texas
"Any officer that works the road could use the info to be better prepared. If an officer took some of these ideas to heart, then it would make for a
safer shift."
Officer Springfield Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"Excellent material all the way through!"
Officer Youngs Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"This class is great for officers of all levels of experience, rookie to veteran."
Officer Barnes Mount Holly P.D., North Carolina
"Perfect class explaining indicators for violent behavior. Excellent training, especially since it was all class based."
Officer  Etter Charlotte Mecklenburg P.D., North Carolina
"More than expected, I like the focus on the safety and traffic stops."
Deputy Johnston Mecklenburg County S.O., North Carolina
"Enjoyed the presentation style and instructor being working LEO."
Deputy Gauthier Campbell County S.O., Wyoming
"Liked class-safety issues-training ideas to deal with them and the mind and body connection."
Deputy Hyland Campbell County S.O., Wyoming
"It far exceeded my expectation."
Officer Boomgaarden Bonneville County S.O. Idaho
"Excellent material all the way through!"
Officer Youngs Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"I appreciate the straight forward info. Learning from mistakes is best way to learn, or one of them."
Officer Jones Lakewood P.D., Colorado
"I enjoyed that the instructor was/is also an officer and gave a different point of view. Training is valuable to learn different perceptions,
experiences and new ways of doing things."
Officer Pesapane Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"Outstanding class"
Officer Cohen Westminster P.D., Colorado
"Great class!"
Officer Fiocca Black Hawk P.D., Colorado
"Excellent instructors and information."
Officer Crapo Bonneville County S.O., Idaho
"This is the most relevant survival training I've attended."
Deputy Brooks Flathead County S.O., Montana
"Derek. Thank you for providing this class. It is great to see trainers going the extra mile and sharing skills that can save lives."
Officer Scheer Valley P.D., Nebraska
"Excellent class and instruction."
Officer Sweigart Columbia Falls P.D., Montana
"Awesome 2 day presentation. I encourage this to every law enforcement officer if not all public assisting agencies."    
Trooper Farias Arkansas State Police
"Class was very informative. I will notice things I didn’t before and change some tactics, even after almost 12 years on the street."        
Trooper Stewart Arkansas State Police
"Great class. Enjoyed open/class discussions."    
Trooper Salmon Arkansas State Police
"Great class!! Will highly recommend to others within and out of my department!"
Officer Brunk Lakewood P.D., Colorado
"This is a great training and good refresher but also a huge eye opener!"   
Officer Rendon Red Rocks Community College PD., Colorado
"Well Done! Great ideas on future training. Should pass onto training academies."
Lt Silver Aurora P.D., Colorado.
Absolutely, all officers should go through this class. Prior to going out on the streets. This class saves lives."
Deputy Pedraza El Paso County S.O., Colorado
"Beneficial training presented in a meaningful manner."   
Detective Hurtado Denver P.D., Colorado
"Great class. Thanks."
Deputy James Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"Great class, you're a great instructor."
Officer Pofahl Federal Reserve P.D., Missouri
"I wish I would have taken the class a long time ago. Great class for cops of all experience levels."
Officer Obrien Evans P.D., Colorado
"I appreciate the time, research and effort that went into the development of the class!!"
Deputy Black Boulder County S.O., Colorado
"Great content. Lots of good practical advice/ideas. Instructor was knowledgeable and casual."
Officer Marshall Arvada P.D., Colorado
"The class should be encouraged for all to attend."
Deputy Green Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"Great class- wish it could be integrated into our in service!"
Officer Trap Aurora P.D., Colorado
"Great class, will definitely share what I learned and encourage other to take this class."
Deputy Vanderpool El Paso County S.O, Colorado
"I really appreciated your class and will use the information for my safety and the safety of my trainees."
Deputy Gingrich El Paso County S.O., Colorado
"Personally think every officer should go through this course-more than once in their career. Start during academy, after a year on the force,
then refreshers."
Deputy Holland El Paso County S.O., Colorado
"Class was great, learned lot of valuable tools to make me a better officer."
Officer LePlatt Pueblo County College DPS, Colorado
"Very good information. I would like to see a program put together to present as an academy class for new recruits. This is good training."
Officer Gilmore Colorado Springs P.D., Colorado
"This should be taught in in-service training as well as basic LE academies; it is foundational in officer maintaining their edge."
Deputy Garrett El Paso County S.O., Colorado
"Thank you for tons of good videos and being real with the breakdown on them."
Deputy Bennion Bonneville County S.O., Idaho
"Great job. Was very entertained and feel better informed."
Deputy Harris Bonneville County S.O., Idaho
"...I would definately attend this class again. Great LIFE SAVING INFO."
Deputy Garcia Bonneville County S.O., Idaho
"I really like the instructor. He cool."
Officer Hummer Idaho Falls P.D., Idaho
"Great class", "This class exceeded my expectations."
Officer Whiting Idaho Falls P.D., Idaho
"Great Job, Thank you.", "I was not disappointed. Time well spent.", "All the material presented should be incorporated into the basic patrol
Deputy Warren Canyon County S.O., Idaho
"Class was definately more than I hoped for. Thanks."
Officer Stirling Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho
"I really feel more aware of things I wouldn't have known about prior to this class. I am a new officer and I feel the information I learned in this
class will benefit me for my entire career."
Deputy Adams Leavenworth County S.O., Kansas
"Very informative. All the information is needed/useful information."
Deputy Perri Leavenworth S.O., Kansas
"The class was more than I expected. It was a great class. Great Instruction!"
Officer Prerry RTD P.D., Colorado
"Everything was valuable information!"
Officer Overstreet Junction City P.D., Kansas
"Very useful information."
Officer Minera Phoenix P.D., Arizona
"Absolutely great class."
Officer Nguyen Blackhawk P.D., Colorado
"Instructor is very knowledgable."
Officer Carpena Phoenix P.D., Arizona
"I wish more agencies would give it to officers every few years to make sure to not get complacent."
Officer Quals Phoenix P.D., Arizona
"Class was very awesome."
Deputy Brookwell Washakie County S.O., Wyoming
"The instructor did a great job presenting the material."
Officer Duffy Worland P.D., Wyoming
"Excellent information backed by stats. Excellent instructor presentation. Keep spreading the O.O.D.A. Loop gospel! Job well done!!!"
Officer McAlmond Cheyenne P.D., Wyoming
"Great class. I wish more officer would have attended the class. I will recommend to other officer or to have the class held at CPD."
Officer Ehlman Cheyenne P.D., Wyoming
"Great class."
Deputy Bott Dever S.O., Colorado
"It was more than I expected and very eye opening."
Deputy Threikel Jefferson County S.O., Colorado
"Exceeded what I was expecting."
Deputy Brunn Jeferson County S.O., Colorado
"Thanks for the info. Will recommend this to others and even see if the PD will sponsor a class."
Officer Fender Commerce City PD, Colorado
"Will be sending officer to the next training class in Westminster."
Commander Long Thornton P.D., Colorado
"Excellent training and information. Will definately recommend for others."
Deputy Prudent Twin Falls County S.O., Idaho
"It (class) was far better than I expected! Very well organized.","Literally everything was valuable!"
Deputy Gillen Yellowstone County S.O., Montana
"I didn't know what to expect or what OODA Loop was. I found it extremely informative, and really made me realize how powerful our mind and
positive training is."
Deputy Potts Musselshell County S.O., Montana
"The class exceeded my expectations." "Thank you for such a great class. There were a lot of topics brought up that will make me think or pay
more attention on the streets."
Deputy Brutlag Yellowstone County S.O., Montana
"Exceeded expectations".
Officer Nyquist Billings P.D., Montana
"It was even better than I expected because it provided me with a lot of foot for thought with training." "Thank you very much for the excellent
Mjr Antolik Arizona Game and Fish, Arizona
"Every officer should take this course after a few years, to refresh knowledge. Especially agencies that have less frequent incidents."
"This class provided information & tactics that I hadn't thought of. Very happy  I took this training.:" "Excellent training!"
"It was highly recommended and lived up to my expectations."
"This class exceeded my expectations, I believe every police officer/probation officer should take this course. Thank you for coming this class
was invaluable for our agencies. The instructor was attentive, knowledgable, professional and able to answer all questions presented."
"Would recommend this for my whole department."
"Thanks for a great class!"
"The class was very well taught and engaging."
After attending this class, I have a better understanding of how to structure use of force training in the future."
"I didn't know what to expect. I was "told" to come but glad I did." "I would encourage new officers attend, especially any new patrol officers."
"Knowledgeable and experienced instructor."
"Best course I've attended in my 9 year career."
"Best officer survival class I ever attended."
"Well beyond my expectations. Best course I’ve attended in years."
"I will definately recommend to other officers in my department."
"Class turned out to be very in depth & applicable to real life scenarios."
"It totality it made me open my eyes again and refreshed my thought process to do my job properly, to interact with my co-workers and family
better and to put myself in a better place physically/mentally."
"Realistic training even for seasoned officers. Will be sending my deputies to this class in the future."
"Great course, should be mandatory for patrol officers at least once every 5 years."
"I will be recommending our entire patrol division attend this training."
"This class had even more to offer than I expected."
"Excellent class and information. Really an eye opener."
"Should be taught in the academy/troop school, etc."
"Class is very well thought out and presented."
"Excellent training."
"I thought it was going to be like Calibre Press. I'm glad it wasn't."
"I think more beneficial than what I expected...I loved the video style teaching, very awesome class. Great job, thank you."
"Awesome class, Thank You!"
"Great Job, Thank you", "I was not disappointed. Time well spent.", "All the material presented should be incorporated into the basic patrol
"I feel like our whole patrol division should get this training."
"Great class it gave me some things to look at on my own personal performance."
"Great Class"
"Come back to Phoenix soon!"
"The class was better than expected."
"Excellent Class"
"Highly recommend"
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